General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited (GENCI)는 태국 최대 건축자재 제조, 공급 및 서비스 제공 기업 중 하나인 General Engineering Public Company Limited (GEL)과 일본 내 Spun Pile 제조업계 선두기업인 Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd. (NC)의 합작회사입니다.

GENCI는 2017년 6월 6일 자본금 200,000,000 바트로 설립되었습니다. GENCI는 태국 내 건설업에 대한 GEL의 오랜 경험과 노하우를 바탕으로 파일 생산 및 공급을 기본 목표로, 그리고 NC의 Spun Pile 제조공정간 전수받은 혁신과 기술의 이점을 적극 활용하여 회사를 설립하게 되었습니다. 이를 통해 GENCI의 Spun Pile은 효율적이고 경쟁력있게 모든 고객요구에 맞추어 솔루션을 제공합니다.

Product Quality Policy

"We are considered and concentrated on product production and service in standard pile. Focus on modern innovation and fast delivery right in time. Develop personnel to be specialized adhering to the Code of Conduct and Professionalism. Make an impression on customers" 

  • Product Production of pile products and services to meet international standards and innovative development
  • Innovation The machines are used in the innovative production process with development
  • Service We are committed to provide good and quality product, deliver service on time for customer impression
  • Code of Conduct and Profession We focus on the code of conduct and professionalism to meet the company's policy and customers



About NC

Since our company was founded in 1948, we, Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd, has made a huge contribution to a development of social capitals of not only Japan, but also Republic of the Union of Myanmar, The Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Republic of Korea, through production, distribution, and construction of precast concrete products.

In the background of it, we recognize that we could obtain a lot of trust from our customers, as a result of supplying our advanced technology, high quality products and reliable construction works. Our international business is based on a policy “Have global view, and take local actions” for supplying products to meet local market needs. Today, along with rapid growth of Asian economies, our long-term cultivated technology, quality, and services are required to the development of advanced infrastructure.

Finally, we would emphasize this is the reason why we always aim to be the one well trusted and respected by our customers and partners all over the world at all times.

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