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General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited(GENCI)は、タイ国における各種建設資材の製造、販売及びサービス提供会社の大手企業である
General Engineering Public Company Limited(GEL)と、日本国における遠心パイルメーカーの大手企業である日本コンクリート工業株式会社(NC)との合弁会社です。


Product Quality Policy

"We are considered and concentrated on product production and service in standard pile. Focus on modern innovation and fast delivery right in time. Develop personnel to be specialized adhering to the Code of Conduct and Professionalism. Make an impression on customers" 

  • Product Production of pile products and services to meet international standards and innovative development
  • Innovation The machines are used in the innovative production process with development
  • Service We are committed to provide good and quality product, deliver service on time for customer impression
  • Code of Conduct and Profession We focus on the code of conduct and professionalism to meet the company's policy and customers



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