Double Rod Auger (D.R.A.)


Double Rod Auger (D.R.A.)

D.R.A is the installation method using the screw to drill into the soil same as length of pile by using casing instead of bentonite. Furthermore, the pile, that is used for installation, is precasted which will be faster than bored pile.



  • Low-noise and low-vibration can provide much convenient environment for the residents around the construction site.
  • Boring of soft layers, sand and gravel layers and the deposit strata is possible by using a screw and casing.
  • Use casing can prevent construction methods from collapsing.
  • Boring of soft rock layers can achieve a high bearing capacity.
  • By reading the volume of amps from the generator to the auger motor, it is possible to confirm bearing layers.

Double Rod Auger (D.R.A.) Installation steps

1. Casing position

2. Drilling

3. Remove auger

4. Filling cement paste

5. Insert pile into hole

6. Remove casing

7. Tapping pile with free hammer


Pure Drive


Pure Drive is a famous method driving pile in Thailand since the installation process is economical and not complicate by lifting hammer to certain height and then, drop the hammer on the pile until reaching required depth.


Jack in Pile


Jack in Pile is installation method with hydraulic system which will pass the pile with the required load. It is similar that the installed pile has already been tested load. Therefore, there is no need to test the pile when the pile installation is complete.

Pre-Bored and Final Drive

Pre Bored and Final Drive is installation method that is used screw to drill the soil out before piling to reduce vibration and soil movement or in case of construction area has hard soil layer, and then, drive the pile into the pilot hole.

Center Auger and Final Drive

Center Auger and Final Drive is the installation method that is used screw to insert spun pile into the hole. For the process, the soil will be drilled while pressing the spun pile. When spun pile is pressed to reach the designed depth, spun pile will be driven with drop hammer.


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