Spun pile of General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited (GENCI) has applied technology from Japan in production processes such as concrete mix, a steam curing method and quality control. Spun pile is appropriate for foundation work of structures such as building, residence factory and bridge which are required the high strength of foundation. Furthermore, it can help to reduce vibration during pure driving since its characteristic before piling which can provide a silence and non-vibration.

The spun pile of GENCI has certified by TIS 398-2563 standard, the range diameter size 400, 500, 600 and 800 millimeters.
“Spun Pile” is the concrete products by using the advantage of prestressed concrete to concrete strength such as a bearing capacity required by the designer. It will be mixed the high quality of concrete with concrete strength not less than 500 ksc and it will be higher up to 1,230 ksc in the future along with the Japanese standard and NC Standard.
Spun pile is produced by a centrifugal with arange between 20g and 30g to improve the concrete strength comparing to square piles. Less permeability which works to protect the pile from air and chloride, and not to cause the rust. This type of concrete is suitable for using in special condition such as river, marine or high chloride soil.

Technical Data of Spun Pile


Advantages of Spun Pile

Spun Pile vs Square Pile

  • Higher compressive strength which can be hammered through hard soil layer.
  • Can be installed by using various methods that can reduce the vibration to surrounding buildings.
  • Better plate quality which can make transfer load complete.
  • Greater density which is suitable for hammering in high chloride condition.

Spun Pile vs Bored Pile

  • Precast concrete spun pile can provide much better quality than bore piles.
  • The installation process is quick, easy and not complicated.
  • Can be installed immediately when arriving project site which is no need to wait for concrete setting since it is a precast pile.
  • The overall cost of piling work is much economical.



Production Process of Spun Pile


GENCI Portfolio

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